The Best Male Bodybuilder of the Iron Age?

Who's your favorite male bodybuilder of old? Need some time to decide?

Let us take you back into the gym with the most famous bodybuilders of old. From Grimek through Schwarzenegger and beyond, we commemorate those men of iron who helped inspire us.

Many people have stories of the first time they saw a bodybuilder grace the cover of a magazine. That image of a bulging tricep or thick back is still stuck in their mind. They point to that memory as the reason they decided to pick up a weight themselves.

Dozens and dozens of these men come to mind as possible inspirations. Here at Iron Age we celebrate those memories and those classic muscle men.

Here they train on. Here they never age. Here they continue inspiring new generations to build classic physiques!

The Early Muscle Pioneers

The roots begin. Turn of the century muscle heroes take hold of young men's imaginations. Displaying heavy musculature for their time, muscle control and odd lifts define this era.

Eugene Sandow
Charles Atlas

The Classic Male Bodybuilder of the 40's, and 50's...

New magazines create the model of the ideal man. Early stars of the muscle game create heroic images of health and fitness. Grand displays of balance and strength are part of some exhibitions. In this period John Grimek combines weight lifting prowess with an outstanding physique and is a legend among the fitness community.

John Grimek
Steve Reeves
Clancy Ross
Steve Stanko
Jules Bacon
George Eiferman
Jack Delinger
Vince Gironda

Famous Bodybuilders of the 60's and 70's

The Iron Age is in full swing. The magazines promote a new generation of amazing physiques to an eager audience. "Tissue drugs" begin to creep into the picture. Large increases in size combined with ultra leanness separate this generation from the era of Reeves and Grimek. It could be argued that the ideal male physiques were created during this period. The top of the bell curve so to speak.

Bill Pearl
Larry Scott
Chet Yorton
Dave Draper
Reg Park
Harold Poole
Bob Gajda
Sergio Oliva
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lou Ferrigno
Casey Viator
Franco Columbu
Ken Waller
Mike Katz
Dave Mastorakis

The 80's and the end of an Era

The greats of the 70's dominate the early years by perfecting thier offerings. Young champions emerge who refine and exceed what the previous decade produced. New drugs emerge which lessen the appeal of the physiques. This leads to the end of what we consider the Iron Age with the retirement of Lee Haney. The last great Iron Age Champion.

Sammir Bannout
Chris Dickerson
Lee Haney

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