Commemorating Bodybuilding's Glory Days!

Classic Bodybuilding

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The classic era of bodybuilding, the period between the 1940's and the mid 1980's, was a very special time. A time when men fought against iron to forge muscular physiques which captured the imagination. Classical Greek statues came to life and graced the covers of magazines. Young men were inspired to pick up their first barbells and begin building strong healthy bodies of their own. Muscular bodies and health were synonymous. One and the same...

....but somewhere along the way the magic faded.

Bodybuilders lost sight of what drew them to the lifestyle they loved. The top physiques grew larger and larger in a misguided attempt at progress. The walking works of art were overshadowed by the shear size that dominates even today. No longer could real people gain inspiration from the cover of a muscle magazine. Worst of all, health was no longer a consideration.

The old time greats such as Reeves, Park, Zane, and Schwarzenegger were inspirations. Physiques to emulate. Those types of figures are sorely missed in this day and age.

Iron Age celebrates the classic era and strives to bring the healthy principles and ideals back to the forefront of this sport and lifestyle we call bodybuilding.

We will study and learn from the classic Mr Americas, the early Mr Universes, and the various other great physiques of the Iron Age.

Here at Iron Age those famous men of iron live on, still inspiring and teaching the classic fundamentals that are needed as much today as they were then.

Men and even eras come and go but principles are timeless. Long live the Iron Age!

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